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The beautiful, seamless surface effect is achieved by mixing quartzite stone granules with epoxy in a specialized mixing process. This mixture is then applied to a prepared surface, where it is screeded and troweled off. Quality floor and wall coverings to enhance any part of your home.

The versatility and speed of installation of natural quartz stone makes it a popular option for renovation and new builds alike. The popular areas where natural quartz stone is used are, patios, pool surrounds, balconies, showers and entrance areas to name a few. Installation of seamless quartzite flooring can take as little as a two day for return to service. Seamless natural quartz stone surfaces are available in a variety of colours to suit most requirements.

Product Features and Benefits



  • Seamless floor and wall coverings with no joints like tiles
  • Non-slip & anti-skid
  • Two year product warranty
  • Quick & mess free when installing
  • A green product with low carbon footprint
  • Continuity of application indoors & outdoors
  • A large range of colours
  • Custom colours can be ordered
  • Durable
  • Versatile for different areas of the home
  • Easy to rejuvenate with an inexpensive top coat
  • Warmer than tiles underfoot
  • Over existing tile application
  • Under floor heating compliant
  • Logo’s, designs & borders can be included
  • Perfect for revamping

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